Translatio Studii (No such thing as Western Civilisation) 2020 by Zac Langdon-Pole

Toni Warburton, Artist. Everyday, Garden

Discovered this fantastic work. This ingenious “shard poem” rearranges ceramic history. On view now Michael Lett Gallery as part of the exhibition ‘the body and its outside’ 2 Jun — 3 Jul 2021.

This piece is made up of ceramic fragments from throughout human history, sutured together with brass staples.

Zac Langdon-Pole, Translatio Studii (No such thing as Western Civilisation), 2020. bowl fragments, brass staples: fragment details, (brown/red slip pottery shard): Ancient Greek / Cypriot c. 800- 600 B.C.E; (black clay fragment): Scythian c. 100-500 A.D.; (blue/green/ purple glass): Roman, c. 4th-5th Century A.D.; (glazed calligraphic bowl- Kufic inscription: al mulk lillah ‘Sovereignty is God’s’) Samanid Central Asia, 11th Century; (green glazed ceramic fragment): Bamiyan Islamic, 11th – 12th Century A.D.; (blue and white porcelain): Liverpool, England c. 1785 – 95 A.D. 73 x 173 x 186mm

© Toni Warburton 2021